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Mario Map Painting Printouts

  Behold the wonder of the Mario Map! I was at the Staples in Ridgewood today ("that was easy"...not) getting laser prints of my Mario Map paintings. If you look closely, you'll see the images are actually reversed. I'll be using the printouts to make acrylic reproductions of the originals. The ones in the picture are mini-sized at 8" x 8". I never thought they could be any more cute than they already were, but obviously I was wrong!  You can check out my Mario Map paintings here, here, and here. I'm selling a mini-sized Mario Map for only $64!

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The Infinite Inspiration of Super Mario World

Super Mario World: the end all and be all of video gaming history. Yes I do believe we hit the peak in the early 90s with a 16-bit game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You heard me, Playstation 3- suck it! As a kid then, and an adult now (and always with an artistic eye), the color palette has always had me hooked. It is soooooo bright and cheerful! I just feel a million percent happy looking at that cover. Oh right I forgot: EVERYTHING in Super Mario World is undeniably cute! From Yoshi's adorable eyes, to the clouds and shrubs (who also have eyes), everything was so friggin cute. But above all else, the overworld maps are what I've always...

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